VIBRATIONZ: a new retro club concept 

Our mission "Bring Back Those Dayz" is to unite ravers who experienced Belgium's legendary club scene first hand and new generations who only heard about it.

Remember the days when dance clubs like At The Villa, Extreme, Boccaccio, Balmoral, La Rocca and Zillion were the places to be? Well, we do and we've been to all of them.
In those infamous nineties and nillies we also hosted our own party concepts such as Alcatrance and Golden and we held residencies at Tour & Taxi and Barramundo.
A lot has happened since then, but our passion for music and dancefloors is intact!
The DJ's we love play their records to the full length and they know how to set fire to the place, like they've been doing for so many years all over the country and abroad!
Feel like dancing to their uplifting retro sounds with likeminded people? Join us for an unforgettable night with a shared love for peaceful clubbing.
A unique chance to write the first page of a new nightlife story together!